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 Competition order

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Competition order Empty
PostSubject: Competition order   Competition order EmptyFri Mar 17, 2017 5:21 pm

Week 1

Comp 1

Ride the Rocket - 4 teams hold on to the rocket, the last team with someone remaining wins safety for their entire team for the week.  First team out is have nots, 2nd team out gets  mystery punishment (later to be revelaed as wearing pixels) 3rd team out wins $10,000.
This was won be Team Unicorn who is safe for the first 2 evictions

Comp 2

Hit the Road Part 1- Three members of the team will hold ropes attached to their team platform. The fourth member will dig in the team's sandpit to retrieve a piece of the sand castle, and place it on the suspended platform. They will then change places with a teammate and the process repeats. If a puzzle piece touches the ground, that piece is out of play. The first team to build a pyramid with 15 sand blocks and hit their button will win the competition and be safe.
This is won by
Category 4 - Who is safe for the first eviction

Comp 3

Hit the Road - Part 2 - There are sand castle puzzle pieces scattered around each team's platform. The object is to work together solving the puzzle to build a sand castle. The first team to successfully complete their castle and get all four players into the finish zone will be safe for the night, leaving the losing team to fight in the final competition against one another. There is only one solution and there are decoy pieces that will not fit.
This is won by Team Big Sister, who is safe for the first eviction

Comp 4

Hit the Road - Part 3 -Each of them will be stranded on their own deserted island. At the sound of the horn, they will climb their tree, retrieve a coconut and deposit in on an SOS outline on the ground. Once all coconuts are in place, they must move across their island to pull their flag and lock in their time. Sounds easy, but it won't be, because each step they take moves the island and could cause coconuts to roll out of the SOS. Any coconuts that fall off their island are out of play. The first to complete their SOS and grab the flag will be safe and must decide who will be the first HoH. As for the one HGs who fails to complete this competition, their vacation will be over.
Glen finished last and was evicted, the team decided to name Nicole as HoH so now Team Freakazoids and Team Unicorn are both safe for the next eviction  Nicole nominated Paulie and Jozea for eviction

Comp 5 - Roadkill

Your goal in this competition is to take off your clothes and get down to your swim suit as fast as you can while driving the RV. Think it's easy? It's not - you have to keep three buttons pressed while driving the RV. If you keep all three buttons pressed, your timer runs at normal speed. Let go of one button and your timer runs 30 times faster. Let go of two buttons, your timer runs 60 times faster. No buttons pressed? Your timer runs 120 times faster. While trying to change, you can press and let go of buttons as you see fit and your timer will adjust accordingly. When you've finished changing, lock in your time by hitting the red button. The person with the fastest time will be the winner of the BB Roadkill competition."
[/Frank won this competition and nominated Paul for eviction]

Comp 6 - POV

"What up, dogs? Your owner is away on vacation and it's time to find out who the top dog is in the BB Neighborhood. Here's how it works. On go, you must chase your tail by spinning your stand and swirl. Once you've spun around 15 times, you'll have 45 seconds to race across the yard and start stacking doggie treats on top of your doghouse. You'll need to move fast because you'll need to get through your doggie tunnel and get back to your stand and swirl before the clock hits 0. If you're clock hits 0, you're out of the game. The first pooch to stack all 40 treats onto the doghouse and hit their buzzer will win the PoV."
[Paul won this competition and used veto on himself, ther replacement nominee is Bridgette, selected by Frank as the roadkill winner

Week 2

Comp 7 - HoH (Berry Balanaced)

On Julie's go, the HGs will race across the balance beam one player at a time, relay style to retrieve a single berry. Return the berry to the start and place it in one of four columns. Each column will hold 10 berries. There are two paths - a shorter and more difficult beam and a longer but easier beam. If the HGs falls off the beam, the column they are working on empties and they are out. Their team continues on without them. The first team to get 40 berries must decide who HoH will be and that person has to race back with a blue berry. First back will be the new HoH.
This was won by Paulie, giving Category 4 safety for the week, Paul and Bronte are nominated

Comp 8 - Roadkill

HGs, to keep cruising on your summer road trip, you need to return some souvenirs for gas money. $18 to be exact. Here is how it works. Hit the button to start the clock then run over and look at the prices for your souvenirs. Your goal is to find the six items that add up to exactly $18 even. Hit the buzzer to lock in your time. The person who does it fastest wins the Roadkill competition.
This is won by Victor who then nominates Tiffany

Comp 9 - POV (Toezarks)

Corey is hosting and welcomes them to the beautiful "foothills" of the "toezarks". He explains that the players will go under the bridge when he says go. They have to look for letters on the fungi, and bring letters back to their grill and spell a word. Each letter has a value from one to three. Once happy with the word they have spelled, press the button to lock in their answer and time. The person who correctly spells the word with the highest point value will win the PoV. They have 12 minutes. If there is a tie, the first person to lock in will be the winner.
Paulie won this competition and used it to pull down Bronte and replace him with Victor

Week 3

Comp 10 - HoH (Kiss my Ace)

Each team will have one person step up and serve a tennis ball into the court. Each court is filled with numbered slots, 0-21. The player with the lowest score in each round will be eliminated. The last HGs standing will be the new HoH.
Bridgette (*cough cough Frank) won and nominated Tiffany and Paul

Comp 11 - Roadkill (Horn Star)

They will be honking horns to win the chance to send someone's butt crashing onto the nomination block. Before they begin, they get to practice by honking the horns to hear the different sound each one makes. When ready, they hit a button to start the clock. The button will trigger a sequence of 8 horn sound effects that they must replicate it. If they get it wrong, they will hear a screeching sound and will have to start the sequence again. The person who correctly presses the sequence of eight horns in the shortest time will win this RoadKill competition.
Frank won this competition and nominated Bronte

Comp 12 - POV (Veto-licious)

Da'Vonne explains the competition. She welcomes the Chefs in Training. Each competitor is in their own kitchen. In each round of the competition, they will be shown a recipe containing several ingredients, and will be instructed to pour a specific ingredient into their measuring cup. If they pour the correct ingredient, they will advance to the next round. If they pour the wrong ingredient, their recipe will go horribly wrong. Not only will the last player win PoV, but their team will enjoy an Outback dinner.
This was won by Bridgette who decided not to use the POV

Week 4

Comp 13 - HOH (Euro Trippin

They all studied pictures on the memory wall. Julie will ask True or False questions based on the photos. Answer right, stay in the game, answer wrong and they will be eliminated. Last HGs standing is HoH and their team wins safety.
Paulie won and nominated Tiffany and Natalie

Comp 14 - Roadkill (Gasping for air)

Uh oh. Uncle Austin ate some bad fast food and is stinking up the BB RV.

Their job is to eradicate the odor by hanging as many air fresheners as possible in the shortest amount of time. They have to hang them in color order: red, blue, yellow, green. If a freshener hits the ground, it's out of play and doesn't count. The person who hangs the most fresheners within the time limit will win and earn the power to make a 3rd nomination.
Tiffany won and nominated Corey

Comp 15 - POV (Scooper Star)
Welcome to the sweet sight of today's veto competition! Here is how this works. The first player in line will stand up and challenge another HGs to a head to head ice cream battle.

In each round, a specific set of ice cream cones will appear on the monitor. Your goal is to transfer your ice cream scoops from one cone to the other so they match the ones on the monitor exactly. You may only transfer one scoop at a time and may not place scoops on the ground. Once you think you have it correctly arranged, be the first to hit your button. Right, stay in the game and your opponent is eliminated. The last person standing will enjoy the sweet taste of the PoV.
Corey won and used veto on himself, since he was Roadkill Nom, Tiffany nominated Da'Vonne as the replacement

Week 5

NOTE:  Team twist and Roadkill twist have ended

Comp 16 -  HoH (Watch Your Dumpstep)

You will each put on a wristband, throw your hand in the air and keep it there because each wristband is attached to an electric bin above you. If your hand drops too low, you'll trigger your bin to open, showering you with confetti and ending your party. And to make sure you dance at this party, the light bars at your feet will be moving back and forth around you - so don't be tripping! The last HGs standing with their hand in the air will be the new HoH.
Comp was won by James who nominated Bridgette and Frank

Comp 17 - POV - (OTEV)

In each round, you'll hear a dope track about a competition that's been played this summer. You'll have to search through my pad and find the dope track named after that competition. Hop back up on my dope water bowl and kneel before me with the dope track you've retrieved. You'll have to move fast because in each round there will be one less lily pad than there are players. The last player to return in each round with the correct track will be eliminated. Not only will the last person standing be the least dopey of the bunch, but they'll win the dope PoV! alright dopes, this competition is about to begin.

Michelle won the comp and did NOT use POV

Week 6

Comp 18 - HoH (Perfect Shot)

This competition is called Perfect Shot and here is how it works. Each HGs has a red ball and a yellow ball. The goal is to make the perfect shot by rolling your red ball up the creek towards the box at the other end. You may practice as many times as you would like with your yellow ball but you will only have chance to throw the red ball so make it count. Practice too little, you may not get that perfect shot. Practice too long and someone might beat you to it.

The first HGs to get a perfect shot with their red ball will be the new HoH. If you miss the perfect shot, your ball may land in one of 21 slots on the ground, numbered 1 through 21. If nobody makes the perfect shot, the winner will be the player with the highest score. If your ball falls out of play, your score will be zero. If there is a tie for highest score, the HGs who made that score first will be the new HoH. You should know, the four HGs with the lowest score will be the Have Not's for the week.

Paul won the HOH and nominated Paulie and Bridgette

Comp 19 POV (Ready set Whoa!)

"Welcome to the second Annual Ready Set Whoa Trackmeet. This competition will be run in five races. At the start of each race, you will hold down the two buttons at the starting line with your hands. Each race will begin when the words Ready Set appear in your monitor in your lane. When you see the word Go, you must race down the track and hit any one of your finish buttons. The HGs that hits the button last is eliminated. Choose carefully because after you hit the finish button, they are auto play for future races. There are decoy words that will appear on the monitors and if you release either button before seeing Go, that's a false start and you will be eliminated. The last player standing will win the PoV

Paulie won the POV and removed himself, Da'Vonne was the replacement

Week 7

Comp 20 - HoH (Harsh Hashtags)

This competition is called Harsh Hashtags and here's how it works. On Julie's Go, they will be lifted high in the air and spun around and around. As they spin, they'll receive a verbal beating from the harsh hashtags. They may squat down but they may not sit down on their disc. The last HGs standing will be the new HoH. And be warned, the first three HGs to fall off will be Have Not's for the week.

Victor won this competition and nominated Zakiyah and Michelle

Comp 21 - POV (Hide and Seek veto)

Each HG hides their veto card somewhere in the house, whoevers card lasts longest without being found wins Veto

Paulie won this comp and did not use veto

Week 8 (double eviction)

Comp 22 - HoH (Statcathalon)

Julie will read a series of numerical statistics based on the season. They need to decide if the real statistic is more or less than Julie gave. Guess wrong, be eliminated. Last HGs standing will be the new HoH.

Corey won and nominated Bridgette and Michelle

Comp 23 - POV (Veto Time)

On Julie's go, each player will race across their lane and over an obstacle to their ball pit at the end. Buried in their pits are three clocks. One at a time, they must retrieve their clocks and place them in the holders at the end of their lane. First person to do this and obtain the final colored veto and get to their starting point in the lane wins veto.

Corey won and did not use POV

Comp 24 - HoH (Hollywood Squirrels)

two at a time, you'll step up to the podium and face off against each other. You'll have to answer a question about a grid of Benny's. The first to answer correctly moves on and picks the next two competitors while the other is eliminated. Last person standing is HoH.

Victor won and nominated Paulie and Corey

Comp 25 - POV (The United States of Zing)

This competition will be played in a series of rounds. In each round, they will launch their bean bag at the map of the United States of Zing, earning Zingbot those electoral votes. The player scoring the fewest electoral votes in that round will be eliminated. That player will then go to claim their campaign gift, revealing the prize hidden inside. Don't get attached to it, because the players after them have the option to keep their gift or trading for the others. The last player standing will have their choice of any of the prizes, including the Power of Veto.

Victor won and did not use the POV

Week 9

Comp 26 - HOH (Black Box)

You will enter the black box in darkness. Once in your lane, you will begin the game by pressing your button. Don't let go, or you'll be eliminated. Hope you don't scare easily because at select points during the competition, you'll be given the opportunity to let go and search your lane in the box. You are looking for discs. But make sure you get back to your button before time runs out or you will be eliminated. But beware, some discs are decoys and will not fit on your poles. After two nightmare inducing hours and 10 searches, the player who survives with the most discs will be the new HoH. Before you enter the darkness, it's time to find out who will receive an advantage." Victor draws a number to find out who will receive a 30 second solo search round - Michelle is drawn.

Natalie won the comp (Michelle won co-HoH Care package and gets to name one of the noms) Paul and Victor were nommed

Comp 27 - POV (Storm Watch)

It's time for you to report the weather from the heart of the storm. When the Teleprompter begins, start reading the weather report. Every time there's a blank in the script, fill it in by saying the correct storm name, that corresponds to the information you heard last night. The answer will be either Glenn, Jozea, Tiffany or Frank. You must get each answer before the blank disappears from the teleprompter screen. Each correct answer will earn you 1 point. The reporter with the most points will win the Golden Power of Veto.

Paul won POV and used it to remove himself, Corey is the replacement

Week 9

Comp 28 - HoH The Wall comp

Players must hang onto the wall the longest, whoever is last standing wins HoH.  There is also jury battle back, whichever juror lasts longest will return to the game, if the juror outlasts everyone they will re-enter and be HoH

Nicole won the comp and nominated Michelle and Paul, Victor won the juror battle back

Comp 29 - POV - Stay or Fold

Players are given a series of uestions and after answering can stay or fold

Nicole won and did not use veto

Week 10

Comp 30 - HoH - (Poached Eggs)

Maneuver eggs through chicken wire
Victor won the HoH

Comp 31 - POV (Macguyver)

Figureout puzzles to escape 3 different rooms in shortest amount of time
Corey won POV and did not use it

Week 11

Comp 32 - HoH - (Slide in Theater)

Fill bowl at end of slippy slidy
Corey won the HoH

Comp 33 - POV (BB Comics)

Memory comp spot the differences from zipline

Nicole won POV and did not use it

Week 12

Comp 34 - HoH - (What the beep)

True False based on bleeped out word

Paul won the HoH

Comp 35 - POV (Cover your bases)

Guess the day something happened

Paul won POV and did not use it

Week 13

Comp 35 - HoH Part 1- (Hang in there kitty)

Endurance comp changing stations

Paul won part 1 of  HoH

Comp 36 - HoH Part 2 (Snap Shot)

They had to read a clue and place the three HouseGuests that applied to the clue into the roller coaster car. They had to push the car down the track, then take a snapshot of the HouseGuests while in frame.

Nicole won part 2 of HoH

Comp 37 - HoH Part 3 (Scales of Just Us)

Guess how jurors completed a statement

Paul won part 3 of HoH

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Competition order Empty
PostSubject: Re: Competition order   Competition order EmptyWed Jul 12, 2017 8:47 pm


Week 1

Comp 1 - Safety
Tempted by the Fruit - Endurance comp where players hang on a trapeze, last one remaining wins.
Won by Cody

Comp 2
HoH - Hangs in the Balance - Teams have to swing across vines to retrieve appleas, first two teams to retrieve 8 apples moves to the second round.  Then a rep from the reamining two teams will need to balance 7 appleas on a tree and push their button.
Cody defeated Paul in the final of this comp

Comp 3
POV - Fin to Win - Balance Starfish on your platform while refilling your water container, when the water runs out the number of starfish you have is your score.
Won by Alex

Week 2
HoH - Sugar Shot - Search candy to collect tickets which then can be exchanges for balls.  Roll the balls down on of three platforms and get it to land in the center heart.
Won by Paul

POV - Path of Lest Resitance - Answer questions based on wht you saw in previous room.  Get it wrong and have to do a task get it right move directly to next wrong.  Fastest time wins.
Won by Paul

Week 3

HoH - Hang on the wall challenge.  Last one remaining wins
Won by Alex

POV - Temple of Temptation - Walk across a suspended beam and hit a buzzer, fall off and reset back to zero.  First to50 points wins
Won by Jason

Week 4

Battle Back
Round 1 - Navigate ball through a maze, falls through hole start over.  First two to complete advance to Round 2.
Cody and Cameron Advanced

Round 2 - Slingshot balls to knock out 10 panels.  First to knock out all 10 advances
won by Cody

Round 3 - Cody got to choose to do another maze or another slingshot, chose slingshot.  HG's voted Paul to try and block his return.
Cody won and returns to the house.

HoH - What's the Hold Up?
Press red disk against traffic light with a stick. Last one remaining wins HoH
HoH won by Jess

Veto- BB Juicy Blast
Match the moniotr with sequence of ingredients, if wrong it blows up and you are elimnated
Veto won by Jess and is not used

Week 5

HoH - Inked and Evicted - Memory comp being asked questions on tattoed former houseguest that have been displayed recently.
HoH won by Paul

Temptation comp - Bowlerina - Spin on a handle fifteen times to lower the wall then throw bowling balls to knock down pins. wall resets after 15 seconds. Fastest time wins safety, slowest time is 3rd nom
Fastest - Mark, Slowest Jason

Veto - Under the Weather - Another memory comp where they have to fill in blanks of weather report based on sounds they heard earlier
Veto won by Paul

Note: HAlting hex used - no eviction

Week 6

HoH - Gravestone Golf - Crap shoot comp where you haveto putt a golf ball and land in the highest number
Hoh won by Josh

Temptation - Stangest things - Go into a haunted house and decipher clues to determine special objext needed to be returned in shortest time.
Cody wins safety, Jessica is 3rd nom

Veto - OTEV - If I have to explain OTEV, you never watched this show
Veto won by Mark

Jessica evicted

Week 7
HoH - Hocus Focus - Watch a series of magic performances and then answer true false questions
Alex won HoH

Temptation comp - Where were you - Houseguests had to go stand on a giant blueprint of the house to determine where they were at when specific sounds went off during the week
Mark won safety, Matt is 3rd nominee

Veto- BB Adventure Tour - Shoot a dart into lawn and lowest score is elimnated and wins a prize, prize can be accepted or switched out with another player.
Matt won veto (Elena actually won the comp)

Cody is evicted


HoH - Let it slide - In this competition, HouseGuests competed in head-to-head matches. They will each slide a shuffleboard disc down their lane. The HouseGuest with a puck closest to the edge without falling off will win the match and eliminate their opponent. The remaining HouseGuest will then select the next two HouseGuests to face off
Jason won HoH

Veto - Kenya Solve it - HouseGuests must solve a series of three puzzles, one at a time. Their puzzle pieces must be inside the black outline
Mark won veto

Elena evicted

Week 8

HoH - Tales from Decrypt - HouseGuests competed in a tournament-style bracket. In each head-to-head match, the HouseGuests will watch a crypted message be slowly revealed. They must decrypt the message and press the button of the correct HouseGuest. If they are correct, they will advance and eliminate their opponent. If they are incorrect, they will be eliminated and their opponent will advance
Christmas won HoH

Veto - Home Zing Home - HouseGuests must fill up their cup, walk down their slippery lane, and pour it into their bowl. They must then walk back down their lane and do it again. There are two bowls for HouseGuests to fill. If they fill their small bowl, they will receive a larger cup with which to fill their large bowl.
Jason won veto

Mark is evicted

Week 9

HoH - Everyone's A Wiener - HouseGuests must brace themselves with handholds and footholds inside their hot dog bun.
Jason won HoH
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Competition order Empty
PostSubject: Re: Competition order   Competition order EmptyTue Jul 31, 2018 9:02 pm


Week 1

Safety Competition – Part 1 ("The Trash Folder"):[a] There are 7 folders hidden inside of the "supercomputer". 6 of the folders are labeled "escape" however, 1 of them is labeled "escape and play". Each HouseGuest must collect a folder as fast as possible. The one who finds the "escape and play" folder will moved on to face the winner of part 2 in part 3 of the competition. The HouseGuest who does not collect a folder will suffer a punishment. Angela was the winner and Kaycee was the loser.

Safety Competition – Part 2 ("HouseGuest CAPTCHA"):[a] The HouseGuests must collect block letters from the pit below their tether which is constantly raising and lowering. Each HouseGuest must collect the correct letters and be the first one to spell "HouseGuest" on their platform. The first HouseGuest to correctly collect and spell "HouseGuest" moved on to face the winner of part 1 in part 3 of the competition. The last remaining HouseGuest will suffer a punishment. Swaggy C was the winner and Sam was the loser.

Safety Competition – Part 3 ("Surfing the BB Web"): The winners of part 1 and part 2 faced off in this competition and must "surf" the web. The winner of this competition will have the opportunity to keep 8 HouseGuests including themselves safe from the first eviction. Swaggy C was the winner.

Head of Household ("Microchip Mayhem"): [a] When the competition starts HouseGuests must cross their beam and collect a "deletion dot". Once they have collected one they must cross back, place it inside another HouseGuests tube, and repeat. When a HouseGuest has 10 deletion dots inside their tube they are eliminated from the competition. Tyler was the winner and became the first HoH of the season.

Power of Veto ("VimeBro Studios"): The competition was played in five rounds. In each round the losing competitor is eliminated from the competition. The competitors were Tyler, Sam, Steve, Scottie, Swaggy C, and Faysal.

Stage 1 ("Snake Bite Pit"): When "action" is said the competitors must reach into a snake pit and pull out a like icon. Once they have a like icon they must place it in their corresponding score card. When a HouseGuest has three like icons in their score card they are finished with that stage. The last HouseGuest who does not have three like icons or the HouseGuest with the least amount of like icons after five minutes is eliminated. Scottie was eliminated following Stage 1.

Stage 2 ("Polar Plunge"): When the competition begins the HouseGuests must plunge to the bottom of an arctic pool and retrieve a like icon. Once they have a like icon they must place it in their corresponding score card. When a HouseGuest has ten like icons in their score card they are finished with that stage. The last HouseGuest who does not have ten like icons is eliminated. Swaggy C was eliminated following Stage 2.

Stage 3 ("Human Canvas"): When "action" is said the HouseGuests must stand on a post as they are fired at with paint balls. When told to do so they must move forward to a smaller post. The first HouseGuest to touch the ground is eliminated from the competition. Steve was eliminated following Stage 3.

Stage 4 ("Electricity in the Air"): When the competition starts HouseGuests must transfer balls one at a time using their device from the start to their scoreboard. However, the HouseGuests are schocked with shocking collars while attempting to transport their balls. When a HouseGuest collects ten balls they are finished. The last HouseGuest remaining is eliminated from the competition. Sam was eliminated following Stage 4.

Stage 5 ("Sloda"):
When the competition begins the HouseGuests goal are to find and match the top three flavors to "Sloda", a soda version of slop. Once done they must place them in the corresponding order. The first HouseGuest to place the three flavors in the corresponding order will win the Power of Veto. Faysal was the winner and received the Power of Veto.

Week 2

Head of Household ("Land a Job"): When the competition starts HouseGuests must step up to the launch pad and launch their ball into the new town of "San Brosé" The building the ball lands on has a corresponding salary. The HouseGuest with the highest salary after everyone has launched their balls became the new HoH. Kaitlyn was the winner and became the second HoH of the season.

Power of Veto ("HouseGuestsOnly.com"): When the competition begins players must review dating profiles of former HouseGuests. Once reviewed they must place the former HouseGuests in their ideal dating location. Once all former HouseGuests are placed they must hit the buzzer. If all former HouseGuests are correctly placed their time gets locked in however, if they are incorrect they must try again until they are all correctly placed. If a HouseGuest takes longer than twenty minutes to correctly place all HouseGuests tey are automatically eliminated. The HouseGuest with the fastest time won the Power of Veto. Tyler was the winner with a time of 5 minutes and 29 seconds.

Week 3

Head of Household ("Product Launch"): The competing HouseGuests watched a two videos about product launches for "Pineapple, Inc.". Julie then asked the HouseGuests a series of questions where the answer is either true or false. If a HouseGuest answered incorrectly they were eliminated from the competition. The last HouseGuest remaining became the next Head of Household. If two HouseGuests remain at the end the game would enter tiebreaker mode. Rachel and Scottie remained at the end. Both HouseGuests were given whiteboards and the answer to the final question was a number. The HouseGuest who came closest to the correct answer without going over would become the next HoH. If both HouseGuests went over the who was closest to the number would be the winner. Scottie was the winner and became the third HoH of the season.

Power of Veto ("Mamma Mia! Madness"): When the competition starts the HouseGuests must grab onto their disco ball and spin 15 times to set 30 seconds on their clock. They must then run acros the playing field and build a tower of champagne glasses. Before the clock runs out they must run back and spin again to get another 30 seconds. If their clock runs out before they make it back they are eliminated from the competition. However, if they volunteer to be a have-not for the week they may re-enter the competition. The first HouseGuest to successfully build their tower won the Power of Veto and a trip for 2 to the Greek islands. Scottie was the winner and received the PoV.

Week 4

Head of Household ("Out On A Limb"):[c] In this competition each participating HouseGuest must stand on a peg attached to their tree and hold on as long as possible. Throughout the competition the trees move and water is sprayed on the HouseGuests. The last HouseGuest to remain on their tree will become the next Head of Household.  During the competition honey and feathers also begin to spray at the HouseGuests. Sam was the last HouseGuest remaining on their tree and became the fourth HoH of the season.

Power of Veto ("Chop Bonk Spank"): Inspired by Big Brother 19's "Punch, Slap, Kick" and sponsored by the fictional "Bro Fund Me", HouseGuests must stand on their target as Rachel randomly played sequences which Chomped, Bonked, and Spanked them. Rachel then asked the HouseGuests a question based on the sequence. Each correct answer earned the HouseGuest a point. The HouseGuest with the most points at the end of the game was the winner. After 7 rounds, Faysal was the winner with 7 points and received the Power of Veto.

Bonus Life Competition ("Outside The House"): In the Bonus Life Competition Kaitlyn must disassemble the life-sized puzzle of herself and must reassemble the puzzle on the opposite side of the fictional house within two minutes and thirty seconds. When she believes the puzzle is correctly built she must hit the buzzer. If the puzzle is correctly built she will win re-enter into the game however, if it is incorrectly built she will have the opportunity to continue working until her time is up. Kaitlyn did not correctly build the puzzle and was the officially evicted from the house.

Week 5

Head of Household ("Perfect Timing"): In the Head of Household competition, the HouseGuests must sit on an email and slide from their outbox to their inbox. The HouseGuest with the closest time to 8 seconds will be the new Head of Household. Bayleigh, with a time of 8.08 seconds, was the winner.

Power of Veto ("Goober Driver"): In the Power of Veto competition, HouseGuests had to pave a road so they can give the four evicted HouseGuests a ride across town. The player who paves the road and gets the evicted HouseGuests to the other side of town the fastest wins the Power of Veto. Rachel, JC, and Sam timed out while Tyler won.

Week 6

Head of Household ("GIF That Keeps on Giving"): Throughout the past week HouseGuests were shown gif's of themselves at predetermined times. In the competition Julie asked HouseGuests true or false questions about the gif's they viewed. Following the question the HouseGuests must lock in their answers. If they answer incorrectly they are eliminated from the competition. The last HouseGuest standing becomes the new Head of Household. If there are two HouseGuests remaining there will be a tie-breaker. Angela and Rockstar were the last two HouseGuest's standing and participated in the tie-breaker. Julie asked a question to which the answer was a number. The HouseGuest with the closest answer without going over would be the next HoH. If both HouseGuests went over the one closest to the answer would become the HoH. Angela provided the closest answer without going over and became the sixth HoH of the season.

H@cker Competition ("Crack The Code"): Over seven rounds, HouseGuests had to unscramble notorious Big Brother words in a certain amount of time. If a HouseGuest unscrambles a word correctly, they get one point. Haleigh became the first H@cker with four points.

Power of Veto ("Boom Power Trip"): In an elimination style, HouseGuests had to roll a ball back and forth for a set number of times. The HouseGuest who was not able to finish before everyone else was eliminated and received a prize or a punishment. After someone was eliminated, they could keep their prize or exchange it for anyone else's prize. This went on until only one person remained. The HouseGuest who ended up with the Power of Veto was the winner. Angela ended up with the Power of Veto.

Week 7

Head of Household ("#HashtagTooLong"):
In a knockout elimination style, two players were challenged against each other to a multiple choice question. If the HouseGuest who rang in got it wrong, they were eliminated. If the HouseGuest was correct, the competitor was eliminated. The last remaining HouseGuest won the Head of Household. It came down to Haleigh and JC. Haleigh beat JC to become the next Head of Household.

H@cker Competition ("Hack the House"): The HouseGuests are shown fragments of an image from cameras around the house. Then they have to identify which room the camera is from by examining the image it's producing. If they correctly identify the room, they get one point. The HouseGuest who gets the most points after seven rounds becomes the final H@cker. Kaycee became the final H@cker with four points.

Power of Veto ("OTEV the Sneezy Skunk"): In an elimination style, HouseGuests would receive a clue from a sick skunk to find two evicted HouseGuests' names on medicine bottles. The last HouseGuest to get find the medicine bottle is eliminated. The last HouseGuest remaining would win the Power of Veto. During the Power of Veto, Tyler grabbed the wrong medicine bottle, but Rockstar accidentally told him the correct one, so Tyler was able to go back and grab the correct one before Haleigh found it. Tyler won the Power of Veto after Rockstar got the wrong answer.

Week 8

Head of Household ("Glow & Flow"): HouseGuests will slide along a path where they have to fill up a bucket in order to retrieve a ball. There is also a second bucket where if you retrieve that ball, you win $5,000. The first HouseGuest to fill up the first bucket will become the next Head of Household.

Power of Veto ("Zing-a-Lago"): In this competition, HouseGuests had three minutes to individually hide their locked veto card in the House. Then, one at a time, HouseGuests entered the House and had one minute to attempt to find a veto card. If a HouseGuest's veto card is found, they will be eliminated, though the owner of the veto cards will not be revealed until the end of the competition. The HouseGuest who hides their veto card the best will win the Power of Veto. Angela was knocked out first. Tyler was knocked out second. Haleigh was knocked out third. Faysal was knocked out fourth. It all came down to Brett and Scottie. Scottie was knocked out fifth. Brett won the Power of Veto.

Week 9

Head of Household ("Sweet Shot"):HouseGuests have to search the candy pits for tickets inside the candies. HouseGuests exchange the candies with balls or give it to another HouseGuests. Then, they have to roll the balls in order to get a perfect shot at the end. If they don't, the ball lands in a number 1-40. The HouseGuest to the perfect shot first or get the highest number at the end of one hour wins Head of Household.

Power of Veto ("Mission to Planet Veto"): When alien creatures fire at a HouseGuest, vetonium is also thrown at them. When the vetonium hits the ground, it is out of play. The round one vetonium is worth one point. The round two vetonium is worth two points. The round three vetonium is worth three points, although the HouseGuests have to catch it in their mouth. The HouseGuest to catch the most amount of vetonium wins the Power of Veto. Kaycee won the Power of Veto with 33 points with Faysal one point behind at 32 points.

Week 10

Jury Battleback ("Big Top Drop"): When the competition begins the evicted HouseGuests must run and collect a ball that corresponds to their color. They must then return to their podium and and drop the ball in their tube. The first evicted HouseGuest to fill their tube all the way must run to the other side and hit their buzzer. The first evictee to do such will return to the game. Scottie was the winner
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Competition order
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