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PostSubject: Alliances   Alliances EmptyMon Jul 02, 2018 4:11 pm

I think this is something that will be ever shifting and changes with one side of the house at least and some subsets going forward so I thought I would put them out here in case some people aren't aware of some of them.

Level 6: Rachel, Angela, Kaycee, Brett, Winston and Tyler. I think this group has a lot of potential. It appears they have some diverse abilities as far as comps and they have a good plan (at least for now). They seem to understand that paranoia is toxic to a group and don't seem to be bothered by members mingling with others in the house and report things to each other here and there when they can. Some of the members hang out together, but nobody really sees this as a big group for now. Brett and Winston are bromancing it up a bit too much for my taste, but it means they will probably be targeted early which is fine with me. I am hoping that at some point Sam might be a part of this group.

Tyler/Sam: Tyler's first loyalty is to the Level 6, but he has been keeping Sam's secret about the reward app very well. He seems to genuinely want to play the game with her and school her on the game. I am not even sure I would call this an alliance, but I would love to see these 2 go far in the game.

FOUTE: Faysal, Swaggy, Kaitlyn, Haleigh, and Rockstar. Bayleigh is kind of a 6th wheel as far as some of them, but seems to be a little more important person to Swaggy, but she was not in the original alliance. This group has NO SHOT of sticking together. There is already in-fighting and paranoia about members. There is jealousy between Kaitlyn and Haliegh hat keeps bubbling up. Kaitlyn says Faysal is her best friend, but she gets jealous when he spends time with Haleigh even though she has a boyfriend at home. Faysal is getting pissed about it because Haleigh is pushing him away "for the good of the group" but truth be told I don't think she is really than in to him in the first place. Swaggy's other deals and his complete loyalty (or should I say lust) for Bayleigh will also hurt the group when they have a choice of who to save moving forward, if it even lasts that long. Another note, according to Swaggy's camera talk this group is 3rd in line as far as importance to his game.

The 9: This is not an official name, but it is how they refer to it. It is basically the FOUTE alliance plus Scottie, Steve, Bayleigh and Tyler. Tyler is playing these guys hard-core, and is doing it well. Because of the core 5 having it's problems, this is a big group that will disintegrate quickly.

No name final 2: Swaggy and Bayleigh. According to Swaggy's camera talk recently, this is his most important alliance. This is just another strike against Swaggy for making it far in the game, most of the others being his own behavior in the house, multiple deals and he is falling pretty hard for this girl pretty quick. She is trying to "change him" wanting him to use his own name instead of Swaggy, thinks he should act different, etc. Some of the advice is good, but will he get sick of it and bail on her or will he go down with the ship that a showmance usually brings to the guy in the relationship.

No name final 3: Swaggy, Tyler and Scottie. I Swaggy is the only one who sees this as an actual group. According to his camera talk this one is second on his list of importance. I think Scottie is getting tired of Swaggy grilling him for information multiple times throughout the day. It can't even be seen as a conversation, he just keeps saying "what else" over and over and sometimes Scottie just makes up small talk crap that he supposedly to talked to this person or that person about.

No name final 4: Swaggy, Faysal, Brett and Winston. This one is already over. I only posted it because it was shown on the episode last night. And just a note, Swaggy basically said that Brett approached him and Faysal for the brigade type alliance instead of what we watched on camera.

Bromance: Brett and Winston. This is my name for them, because they haven't named themselves to my knowledge. They have made no secret they are a package deal and are moving quickly up the target list for "the 9" side of the house. Winston does have some decent insight into the game, but still makes rookie mistakes as well. They are so annoying when they are together talking about all their great plans, thinking they are a couple of genius game players it gets annoying. I think if Brett were to make an early departure, Winston would be a more palpable player to watch. For now, I root for them, but only because they can help further the others in the Level 6 alliance.

Final 2: Rockstar and Haleigh. I think this is very much one-sided on the part of Rockstar. Haleigh is basically becoming a floater but she insults anyone playing a floater game. She says there will be nobody left on the fence in this game, they have to pick a side. Meanwhile she flirts with EVERY guy in the house (except Steve, Scottie and Swaggy) and truth be told I think she has more of a crush on Brett than either Faysal or Tyler either one. I don't see either of these people being loyal to their group and probably not each other if push comes to shove, but I can see them jumping from power to power for a big part of the game. Haleigh has even said about 10 times this week when talking to the rest of her group that she doesn't even want to win HOH because the HOH has to do too much stuff and it is stressful!

No name possible 3: Rachel, Angela and Kaycee. These 3 seem to be on the same page most of the time. They hang out together but also go out and talk to others. I have not seen any cattiness with them. I don't know that they have actually agreed to a final 3, but I think it will eventually come. I like this group and I think they will take shots, but play smart as well.

No name Final 2: Steve and Scottie. I think they will stick together until one of them leaves the house. Scottie was a bit upset that Steve seemed to make a deal for the both of them for next week if Steve stays, but he seems to trust Steven completely.

JC seems to have agreements with people, but I have not seen anything solid. He seems closest to Angela, Rachel and Sam than anyone else in the house but talks to everyone.
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PostSubject: Re: Alliances   Alliances EmptyMon Jul 02, 2018 4:18 pm

I'm not really paying much attention to any alliances right now. They never last very long. The two person alliances are a different story, but those generally only matter much later in the game.
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