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 Which way are the votes going

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Which way are the votes going Empty
PostSubject: Which way are the votes going   Which way are the votes going EmptyThu Jul 05, 2018 4:29 pm

I figured we could use a thread for which way the votes are leaning. I can never remember which thread we last discussed it on, so this can be used. Don't even need a new one each week.

It looks like Sam has the votes to stay, Tyler pulled one over on Kaitlyn and convinced her she is low on teh totem pole in her alliance and has her convinced to switch. Told her that Brett has the power and if Sam goes home, he is unleashing it on everyone who voted against her. She took it hook, line and sinker and is relaying the info to Rockstar and Haleigh. They are convinced that Swaggy threw them under the bus
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Which way are the votes going Empty
PostSubject: Re: Which way are the votes going   Which way are the votes going EmptyThu Jul 05, 2018 5:23 pm

I watched Tyler's pitch to Kaitlyn and then Kaitlyn spilling her guts to Haleigh. It did sound like Kaitlyn was going to vote for Sam to stay regardless of what Haleigh does, but Haleigh was still trying to convince her when the feeds went down. Rockstar has kind of been leaning toward Sam for a couple of days saying it really has sucked that she has not had a chance to bond with people.

But, I think Tyler started this conversation way too early today. He should have waited until about an hour before showtime to spring it on her. He could have acted nervous when he saw her this morning, and when she questioned him, he could have said I think some things might be going down, but want to check it out and get back to her. Tell her to act normal.

Also, he didn't specifically tell her that Brett had the power, that was her guess, he just said it was "on that side" of the house. The irony here is that Tyler and Level 6 cooked up this plan last night and at the same time this was going on, Swaggy was meeting with Faysal, Bay, and Haleigh, and he DID say that if votes went hinky that it was for sure Kaitlyn, so it should ring true a little bit to Haleigh that Swaggy told Tyler to question Kaitlyn.

Another thing Tyler could have played much better is that when Kaitlyn said if Faysal/Swaggy win HOH they will put HER up. He said she could deny the vote because they think the power might be to change up a couple of votes or something. He should have expanded that and said that Fay and Swaggy have bigger fish to fry than Kaitlyn, especially if she is denying it. They will STILL go after Angela, Rachel and the bromance.

Oh, by the way, Tyler told Level 6 last night that Sam had the power because they were all chickening out on the vote. Sam gave Tyler permission yesterday to tell Kaitlyn if he thought she could be trusted, but didn't say anything about the others. She did, however, tell Tyler to do what he thought was best for them to be able to keep her in the house without using the power, so I think she will be okay. Level 6 is not going to let on that they know about it, and I think they will do well with that. This changed Winston and Brett's outlook on Sam because now they know she actually CAN keep a secret because she has had the entire house fooled.

Another note, if Tyler has his hair down at the time they are going to vote, they will be voting to keep Steve. it is down, they will vote to keep Sam. This way they don't have to meet and talk about it. Most of them agree that even if they are not 100% on the 7th vote for Sam that they will still vote that way because then Sam will absolutely be in their pocket, and they know they can trust her to keep her mouth shut even though she will not be in on all the workings of Level 6, but that is apparently Tyler's call to make with the hair thing.
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Which way are the votes going
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