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PostSubject: Scottie   Fri Jul 13, 2018 1:04 am

Time for the Scottie thread

I think he made a mistake by winning this HoH. He was under the radar and it’s not time for the nerd to show his cards yet. Tyler will likely be running his HoH though.

Some alumni are pissed at him for wearing a Swaggy T-shirt and then voting to evict him. Janelle called him a loser for it and Dan called it just cold. Although I think Dan realizes it’s a game move. And Scottie is playing it perfectly. They expected 5 votes for Swaggy, he obviously only got 4. Haleigh is taking the blame. When Scottie was asked if he flipped he simply said...”the words, I vote to evict Swaggy never came out of my mouth”. Now to most that’s not a big deal, but he isn’t lying there. If you recall, he said “I vote to evict Chris”
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PostSubject: Re: Scottie   Fri Jul 13, 2018 6:13 pm

I agree that it was not the best move to win this HOH. And because he is thinking about using his HOH to exact revenge for Steve's eviction, which never really plays out well. Like you said Ctown, he was not a target for anyone, so why do this now and make himself a target.

He also keeps talking about the game and the show and displaying his knowledge of it, even though he has been trying to play it that he doesn't know the show that well.

Another note is that Swaggy told Bayleigh about the "Core" alliance before he left............Tyler, Scottie and Swaggy. She told Rockstar who has been breaking her neck to tell everyone else. She told Kaitlyn and swore her to secrecy and 5 minutes later she was telling Tyler about it. So now THAT information is out there as well.

I think he is going to make a mistake of making a bigger move than he needs to make and make himself a big target at the front of the line for next week with wishy-washy behind him as support.
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