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 Kaitlyn or Rockstar

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Shoe Goddess
Shoe Goddess

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PostSubject: Re: Kaitlyn or Rockstar   Fri Jul 27, 2018 10:25 am

I could not be happier seeing Kaitlyn fail at her chance to save herself from eviction. clapping
Well maybe a bit happier when Rockstar gets the boot!

No longer will I have to hear that annoying voice. Wonderful!

As for Rockstar and her stupid speech, what??????? Did anyone notice on BBAD last night she was all chatty and comfy and hanging her clothes back up when Bay became the HoH. Ugh.

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PostSubject: Re: Kaitlyn or Rockstar   Fri Jul 27, 2018 11:16 am

ctown28 wrote:
chap5788 wrote:
So vote was 9-1 with JC being the only one to evict Rockstar.  While watching the episode I posted a couple of predictions why I think that JC may have done that.  One being it was to frame Rachel if Kaitlyn didn't come back.  He has been trashing her with both sides of the house over the last week because she was so strongly arguing to keep Kaitlyn in the house and he just basically doesn't like her for some reason.  Then I thought of another reason he may have done it.  He wants Fessy to himself.  Maybe he believes if he tells a few people he suspects Fessy did it, Haleigh will be pissed at him and it will cause them to split up?  That is a little flimsy though because it could end up making Fessy a target for the girls in the house instead and his head will explode.

It is obvious that his dream is to have Tyler and Fessy both being completely loyal to him, so I don't think he would want to frame Tyler because that could make HIM a target.  

I think this was a stupid thing for him to do.  Level 6 will believe Rachel over JC easily.  It could very well cost him credibility with several people who trust him like Angela, Tyler and Kaycee.  If I were in the house I would be wondering about these hinky votes every week too.  At one point JC told some people that he actually had a power app so they wouldn't want to target him.  Who is to say that some of these fans of the show don't start speculating he is some sort of America's player?  It would explain why he is so animated about how the votes come out each week if that happened to be his task.

Like I said, I believe this was a very, very stupid thing for him to do for sure, but it might not turn out to be anything.

I don’t think it was stupid at all. It’s win win. She comes back in, she’s not putting him up, although Tyler would likely take his credit. But now that she failed, it works out even better for him. He pins the vote on Brett, which is easily believable. A no lose situation. I do want to hear him explain it in DR Sunday

Well it turns out that he did it to frame Rachel. He was going ahead with his idea when he initially talked to Fessy, then Rachel entered the room and he watched as they talked about it with a look of concern on his face. Then talked to Rachel and got Rachel to spill some information to him. Enter Angela stating they need to find out who the rogue vote was and have the target be THAT person. He almost turned green. He is more than likely going to be a nominee alongside Brett, just watch his head explode at that moment. This was really stupid because it kills his credibility once people start eliminating suspects.
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Kaitlyn or Rockstar
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