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PostSubject: Faysal   Tue Jul 24, 2018 8:36 pm

Not sure how long it will take this thread to sink to page 2 and into never never land because he may not be there much longer. A post by chap in one of the other threads prompted me to create one for him.

Lets take a look at Fessy's promises this week:
Promised Haleigh he would save her if he won veto
Promised Kaitlyn he would save her if he won veto
Promised JC he would keep noms the same if he won veto

So this guy made promises to 3 different people with 3 different results based on if he wins veto. So what does the idiot do? He goes out and wins veto. I understand some people are very competitive and don't like to throw things (I guarantee this will be his answer when sitting next to Julie and she asks him about this, and she certainly will), but sometimes you have to suck that up and do whats smart. He was in zero danger of going on the block, let alone going home.

Now he promised Rockstar his vote and he is thinking about flipping on that? Everyone is aware of all the promises he is making and going back on them, which means he has zero trust from anyone in the house
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PostSubject: Re: Faysal   Tue Jul 24, 2018 9:09 pm

Here's another one to add to the list. He initially told Bay that he wouldn't use it if she could possibly go up. When it became pretty clear he was going to use it, she went to Sam sobbing and crying about how she is treated and feeling in the house and finally got Sam to commit that she would not be going on the block. So, she released him from that, but had it not been clear, that would have been another one.

He says he wanted to win to secure his safety because after what happened to Swaggy he does not trust anyone not backdooring him. Okay, if that what he thinks, it is a plausible argument. However, truth be told, I think he wanted to win that veto to pull Haleigh off the block to force her into a showmance with him. He has wanted a showmance since the day he walked in the door. His first choice was Angela, but she shut him down. Then Kaitlyn came into the picture, but she has a boyfriend. Then she started being more of a friend with benefits, so he took that on "in secret." Then he was lusting after Haleigh.

He basically was giving Haleigh conditions of him using the veto on her.............don't hang out with the other guys, don't play with their hair, she HAS to be his ride or die through the game, etc. She basically said it sounded like he was saying that. He said it wasn't but everything he was saying and doing said otherwise.

If you watch her body language when they are together, she seems almost repelled by him. She gives him just enough to keep him around to protect her. Last night he was laying on the bed with her and kept getting closer and talking about them dating outside the house and finally being without cameras and it was clear that she was thinking............buddy you are dreaming if you think any of that is happening. He got on top of her and she got out of that situation quick. He just doesn't get it.

So this is a guy who was slamming shit around the house and having a fit because people were lying to him on Thursday night. He keeps talking about how loyal he is and others need to do the same and now look at his week. His biggest fear is to look stupid on TV, well too late. He screwed around with a girl who is supposedly in a 5-year-relationship, all while he was lusting after her best friend in the house trying to keep it under wraps. He was telling both of them if it came down to it he would choose that one over the other. He just blew up his game for a girl who really is not that in to him and will probably be part of his demise in the game. And he has been shown to be a complete and utter liar with no loyalty to anything but his raging hormones.
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