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 Rachel/Brett eviction

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PostSubject: Rachel/Brett eviction   Wed Aug 01, 2018 12:22 am

I thought I would start this thread even though it is pretty clear that Rachel is going home. I think Bay is getting nervous about having told Rachel about the power app because she has had a number of conversations trying to find out where people's heads are at with the votes and stuff. She talked to Haleigh earlier and it sounded like Haleigh was kind of thinking maybe Brett would be better in some ways, but Bay kind of shut her down saying Brett would be loyal to Haleigh, but not Bay so she didn't like the idea.

Then she talked with Fessy and he pointed out that Brett would go after Rockstar, not Bay, but Rachel will go after Fessy for sure.

She also talked to Sam yesterday and didn't ask about her vote exactly, but what she would do if she won HOH. Sam just answered that she would make nominations on a personal level again because she doesn't know what else to consider or something along those lines. Of course Bay didn't call her out about it like she would others because she thinks she has Sam on lock for herself (she doesn't), but complained to Haleigh and Fessy separately about it.

Now she is talking to Scottie about his vote. He said he would do what she wanted and confirmed that Brett obviously has asked for his vote. She then told Scottie that she thinks that Sam and Brett "have something" whatever that means. And she told Scottie that Sam said her noms would be personal and not game, which isn't really news to Scottie and probably made him feel pretty good about Sam winning since she likes him so much. Bay thinks Sam likes Brett more than Rachel too.

I have a feeling that the mid-week HOH paranoia is beginning to get to Bay right now. She knows she made a mistake telling Rachel about her power and like I said could be thinking if she is evicted, then the secret would go with her (not knowing the beans have already been spilled).

If Bay tries to "flip the vote" or what she thinks would be a flip, Rockstar and Fessy won't be on board at all. Rockstar will not be on board with a girl going home over a guy. Fessy will be upset because he sees Brett as an obstacle to a loyal and obedient Haleigh in the game and on a personal level.

I thought the next couple of days would be completely boring with no scurrying behind the scenes, and I was actually hoping it would be a complete blindside to Bay, Fessy, Rockstar, Haleigh and Scottie, but that may be going down in flames for sure.
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Rachel/Brett eviction
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