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 My spoiler source

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PostSubject: My spoiler source   Tue Aug 07, 2018 2:54 am

Well I expect this to dry up. Someone asked her if Bayleigh is pregnant and he replied that it’s actually a pregnancy scare and she is talking to nurse practioners. Well twitter blew up, calling her out for violating HIPPA (which is stupid), but I do agree that this person should not say anything. Nothing to do with the game at all so why even answer?

One person did have a good reply though, something along the lines of Grodner did say there would be a double eviction
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PostSubject: Re: My spoiler source   Tue Aug 07, 2018 4:38 am

I agree with you that this person should not have responded to this at all. I am a medical transcriptionist and a HIPAA violation is no joke. We have mandatory training every year and some things you would not think would be a violation actually is and there are stiff penalties (financial and jail time) both for the individual and the organization they work for as well. So I think you are right to assume this person will not be commenting on anything with respect to the show any time soon.

That being said, the source may have a bit of an out because it was designated as a pregnancy scare, which is actually true and something Bay put out there over the airways herself. She talked on a few occasions about being late with her cycle. There was one day when she was HOH she was in the middle of talking to Haleigh and suddenly touched her lower abdomen and said she thought it was starting and went quickly to the bathroom. While she was in there Haleigh called out to her asking but then someone came in the room and they didn't talk about it again. That was the last conversation I heard about it at all and I assumed that her cycle came and she wasn't pregnant or I think she would have talked about it again. However, saying she was talking to nurse practitioners was a complete violation of HIPAA regulations on its own.

I believe she drank some of Angela's win in the HOH room this week. I know there are differing schools of thought on the matter, but young women who suspect they are pregnant, but not yet sure will usually pass on the alcohol until they know for sure and get clearance from their physician as to whether or not wine is okay.
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My spoiler source
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