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PostSubject: Haleigh Noms   Haleigh Noms EmptyFri Aug 10, 2018 3:28 pm

Noms are in, Angela and Kaycee are on the block. The assumption by L6 is that she is going to try and backdoor Tyler. This is where it is imperative that L6 wins the hacker comp. They will need to put Fessy up and then see what happens.

Sure Tyler has his cloud app, but at what cost? If he uses it, there could still be two members of L6 left on the block. Ideally, the hacker takes down one of them, puts up Fess or Sam. Then they win veto and take down the remaining L6 member. Regardless of who Hay puts up as a replacement, they have the votes to keep L6 safe, especially if they get to cancel a vote
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Haleigh Noms
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