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 What should the new HOH do?

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PostSubject: What should the new HOH do?   Tue Aug 21, 2018 1:12 pm

I thought this would be an interesting thread to build on each week. We can come here and speculate what each of the hg's SHOULD do or WILL do if they win the next HOH.

Angela: I think she should put up Sam and Hay. They are the 2 people in the house who are actively targeting her. She made no specific deal with Hay this week. She can tell both they are pawns and it be believable. If Hay wins veto or Fessy pulls her down, then JC should go up as a replacement. It gives the appearance to Fessy and Hay that she is going for the "people in the middle" as they suggested and shows JC that Fessy will choose Hay over him every single day of the week. If L6 wins veto, they can decide whether to backdoor Fessy or send Hay or Sam jury. I believe this is probably what she WILL do as well.

Tyler: I think he should go straight at them and put up Hay and Fessy. He can tell Fessy that he made a deal with HIM, not Hay because he knows that Hay is still targeting him. He can also point out that even Fessy told him that Hay wanted Angela and Tyler on the block this week. So basically Fessy is the pawn and he can go and win the veto. If either of them come off the block, JC is the replacement nom and the remaining between Fessy and Hay go to jury. What I think he WILL do is throw the HOH unless it looks like Hay is going to win it. Otherwise, I believe he will try to do something stupid like ask Brett to be a pawn and put him up with Fessy or Hay and it will end up blowing up in his face.

KC: I think she should go right after it too and put up Fessy and Hay. Fessy told her that she could use him as a pawn as pay back for this week. She can remind him that she had no kind of deal at all with Hay and thinks Hay wants her gone. Plus she can tell Fessy that she had to make 1-week deals with a couple of people (like Brett, JC and Sam) to not put them up in order to make sure she had the votes to say (a position that Fessy put her in by putting her on the block). Again if veto is used then JC goes up as the replacement and one of them go home. I think this is what she WILL do as well.

JC: It doesn't matter because he is going to be throwing the comp like he has everything else. He has slipped up several different times and said "I don't need HOH this week because nobody is targeting me" and then quickly correcting saying "well I would need to win to help the group of course." The only way he tries to win is if it comes down to him and Hay as the final 2 in whatever the comp might be. Even then I think he believes Fessy will protect him from Hay. If he DOES win, I think he will put up Brett and Hay who he believes might put him up.

Brett: This one is easy. Hay and Fessy go on the block. If veto is used, JC is the replacement. If he wins veto himself, I could see him taking Hay off the block and putting up JC which would piss off JC for sure, but he pulls Hay to his side going forward and JC can't do anything to try to save Fessy. He can always tell JC this way he doesn't have to vote against Fessy either. And besides JC always tells people to relax on the block they have the votes, so right back at ya buddy! I think this is what he WILL do for sure, except maybe the part of taking Hay off the block.

Hay: I think she should put up Sam and JC. Obviously Sam was targeting her to the point that Sam's first "game move" was to try to get Fessy to put Hay on the block and send her home. She suspects (rightfully so) that JC has been at the root of the screwy votes and making their side be on the wrong side over and over. She will also want to do "pay backs" to Fessy for putting up Scottie, someone who would never have put Hay up. Plus she has the argument that JC is well liked in the house and is probably the safest bet to have on the block next to Sam to be sure she goes home. She can always say that the move is also to use the backdoor on Brett so maybe he won't get to play for veto or won't try as hard. I think this is what she WILL do, but there is an outside chance that Fessy and JC will convince her to Brett up next to Sam, but after they dismissed her thoughts and feelings about this week, I am thinking she will stand her ground.

Sam: God help them all if she wins, because who the hell knows what she will do. If she hears someone comment that it is a good game move to go after pairs, not even talking to her, I could see her put up Angela and Tyler saying they are a powerful pair and she has learned it is a smart game move to break up pairs. She would tell Tyler that he doesn't have to worry because he will win veto and take himself down and Angela will go home and then people won't target him! Plus this is what RS told her the best game move would be when she left.

I think what she SHOULD do is put up Hay and Angela because those are 2 people who she has actively campaigned against so there is no new blood on her hands. If veto is used, it gets really sticky very quickly and I can easily see an L6 member going home.

I think what she WILL do is the same thing she did the last time. Tell everyone she doesn't want to do 1 on 1's. She doesn't want to hear people throw anyone under the bus. She knows what she is doing and will not be telling ANYONE what her plans are so everyone will find out at the nom ceremony.
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PostSubject: Re: What should the new HOH do?   Tue Aug 21, 2018 3:14 pm

Tyler- I wanted to start with him because I think it would be foolish for him to win this HoH. I do not think he's in any danger and if he feels danger (He's been pretty much able to read everyone), he always has the cloud in his back pocket. This will be the last week he can use it, and I'm sure he would rather not use it and have to own up to keeping it secret from everyone

Angela- This depends on if they end up finalizing a deal with Fess/Hay. Either way, I can't see her putting Fess up, it would have to be a combination of JC, Sam and Hay, but will not be Hay if that deal gets made. I don't see her putting Fess up since he didn't put her up but I could possibly see him being a backdoor

KC- Fess and Hay 100%, this is a no brainer with JC as the replacement nom if need be.

JC- I know it appears he's feeling comfortable but the numbers are getting down there now, he needs some leverage for himself moving forward. If he goes up I see him putting up Hay (so he can have Fess to himself) and Sam

Brett- I agree that it would be Fess and Hay but I don't hink he needs to win this one and isn't in any danger

Hay- Sam and JC 100%, Sam would be her target but KC might have to go up as a replacement. I don't see her putting up Brett and Angela will only be an option if deal is not finalized

Sam-Hay will be her #1 target the whole time and I don't think she will make any secret of it. If people were smart on this one, she would play up to Sam's weakness and point out to her that Fess and JC are the only two that have not been on the block and how that's not fair. That may not be enough to sway her from putting up Hay, but it will be enough to sway her to put one of them up as a pawn and possible replacement nom.

Yes, Sam would play this the same exact way she did the first time, no 1 on 1's and nobdy allowed in her room because she already knows what she wants to do.
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What should the new HOH do?
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