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 Jury house

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PostSubject: Jury house   Jury house EmptyFri Sep 14, 2018 12:13 am

I normally don’t care for the jury house segments but the next one will be good. First it will be fun to watch Fess try to hide his happiness when he sees hay walk through the doors, but it will soon turn to upset when Brett follows right after
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PostSubject: Re: Jury house   Jury house EmptyFri Sep 14, 2018 4:39 am

First we will see Scottie's re-entry into the house where he tells them proudly that he made this great eviction speech. Then we will see him tell them about Tyler's power app, which will result in RS and Bay saying they knew it the entire time.

Then Hay coming in, of course Fessy will be happy to see her and probably won't really care what happened, he will just want alone time with her. It will be interesting to see the body language between the 2 of them because she did her best to make it look like she was excited to see him in her exit interview, but it just seemed forced to me. But, maybe she really does have feelings for him. All I can say is the body language between them on her side was really weird if she actually likes him.

Brett's entrance will be VERY entertaining. It would be nice if he would just vomit all the information about L6, JC's involvement and all that stuff, but they will probably save him talking about that for the jury deliberations segment, which is so scripted I don't know why they even have it.
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Jury house
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