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 Big Brother Finale Eve

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BB Junkie Houseguest
BB Junkie Houseguest

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PostSubject: Big Brother Finale Eve   Wed Sep 26, 2018 4:15 am

It’s the eve before finale night and I’m so excited and anxious and can not wait to see who wins this season! Shoot, I can’t wait to see who wins HOH and who ends up being F2!!  

It’s been years since I’ve been this excited for a BB finale!  The last few seasons have been such a dud for me, that I honestly almost gave up on watching Big Brother. But I’m so glad I gave it one last chance! And so glad that I watched BBAD and kept up with updates and stuff.

But I’m mostly glad that I was able to participate on here more this year!

Chap and ctown, thank you for all your posts and keeping me updated!

Chap.. it was awesome being on the same page as you this entire season!! Even down to our AFH choice! TeeHee

Here’s hoping Bro1 wins AFH and that Kaycee or Tyler win the game... but mostly, here’s hoping that JC is not F2 whatsoever!!

Tomorrow’s show can’t come soon enough!!
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PostSubject: Re: Big Brother Finale Eve   Wed Sep 26, 2018 2:12 pm

I'm actually fine with whoever wins, even if it's JC. Best season I've watched live by a long shot.

Big thanks to both Lizzy and chap for disagreeing with me and putting up with me when I told you both how wrong you were! neener

Thanks to those who came just to see our banter/updates. It was a great season and looking forward to doing it again for Celebrity Big Brother
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V.I.P. Thread Hog

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PostSubject: Re: Big Brother Finale Eve   Wed Sep 26, 2018 3:36 pm

I'm not much of a talker, but I have read all the comments & agree with just about everything that was said. I've been watching every episode of every season of BB, plus BBAD & also think this has been the best season & casting in a verrrrryyyy long time....if not ever!

I would like to see Kaycee win, but will be happy with any of them as well. I can't remember any season where I've thought that before.

Thank you ctown, Chap & Lizzy for all your informative posts that I've come to rely on for accurate information. clapping

Enjoy the finale tonight & thanks again!

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PostSubject: Re: Big Brother Finale Eve   

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Big Brother Finale Eve
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