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 Backyard interviews

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Backyard interviews Empty
PostSubject: Backyard interviews   Backyard interviews EmptyThu Sep 27, 2018 4:16 am

What I’ve discovered so far from the backyard interviews...

Winston, KarmaKait and Rachel all moved in together in LA! confused

Snaggy C And Bay will not discuss the ‘pregnancy’ or anything baby related but they do want kids. zipit

Steve lost 67lbs (and it showed!)

Tyler is moving in with Angela (well it was alluded)

Fessy and Hay are going out for drinks and seeing where it goes from there (my guess... NOWHERE!)

KarmaKait is not happy with Tyler and she and her boyfriend are definitely broken up. But even though her heart is not okay she is ready to meet the person she is supposed to be with forever Puke

Sam said she would’ve voted for JC over Kaycee or Tyler. Because he had a lot of depth? confused And she voted for Kaycee because she knew more about her and recognized her mom in the audience.

That’s all I got for now!! Stay tuned for more...
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Backyard interviews
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